HowTo Run BLTouch connected to RPi microcontroller

  • some printer board dont support the control signal for the bltouch, or need to remove some components. In this case you have to fiddle a little but it's possible, so why not?
  • BLTouch
  • a plier or smth to remove one pin from the dupon-connector
  • remove the red pin from the triple-connection cable and put it into a single dupont case (included in original BLTouch packaging)
  • connect the pins to the gpio pins:
    • white → GPIO0
    • black → GND next to GPI0
    • yellow → GPIO27
    • brown → GND
    • red → 3.3V
    • Todo: Add a picture of the wires
  • you can choose whatever pins you like for control_pin, but it's easier to follow if you choose the same
  • add the following to your printerconfig.cfg (also see the config reference
  • printer.cfg
    [mcu rpi]
    serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu
    sensor_pin: ^rpi:gpio0
    #   Pin connected to the BLTouch sensor pin. Most BLTouch devices
    #   require a pullup on the sensor pin (prefix the pin name with "^").
    #   This parameter must be provided.
    control_pin: rpi:gpio27
    #   Pin connected to the BLTouch control pin. This parameter must be
    #   provided.
    z_offset: 0.2
    #pin_up_touch_mode_reports_triggered: False
    #probe_with_touch_mode: True 
  • you can choose between gpio0 and gpio1 for the sensorpin because it has an inbuild pullup always active
  • klipper can't set pgios to pullup because of reasons
  • before i found this out, here was a long description how to set pullup by a script and make sure that this script runs always.
  • replace your endstop_pin under [stepper_z] with
    endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop
  • set your correct nozzle offset following the official guide
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