The heated bed, hotbed , buildplate

There are multiple heaters to choose from, i will give some examples.

The MK2a heater is suitable to use with a 12 volts PSU, It is suitable for use wih a 24 volts PSU (through a MOSFET) as well.


Dimensions: 214 x 214 x 2mm Laminate FR4 1.6±0.15mm 2 layer, 35μm copper Black Soldermask - both sides White Silkscreen - both sides Power Input: 12V / 24V Power: 120W Resistance: under 12V voltage, resistance 1.2 ohms; under 24V voltage, resistance 4.8 ohms Color: Black Copper plated holes

The MK3 heater is a combined heater and buildplate in one, so a sheet of glass on the top and print away


1 layer 35μm copper Voltage: 12/24V Resistance: 1.4-1.6 Ohm at 12V 5.0-5.4 Ohm at 24V Max. Temp: 180° C Heating Time: 24V reaches 100° C in 2 minutes Dimensions: 215 x 215 x 3mm Weight: 363g Colour: Black with White Mask/Text

MK3 can choose 12 v and 24 v two voltage, 12 V: one line thread cross 1, another cross 2, 3 24 V: one line thread cross 2, another cross 3 (1 don't need to pick up). The new circuit, whether meet the 12 v or 24 v, the power is stable.

The heating element in your HOTBED (as seen in the pictures) can be wired to support 12 or 24 volts.

The schematic printed on the surface shows pin 1 2 and 3 representation of the element →

If wired for 12 volts, the element is doubled up, resulting in less resistance/higher current/slower heating and less poweroutput.

If wired for 24 volts, the element is connected from both ends only resulting in higher resistance/lower current/faster heating higher poweroutput.

NOTE: There is more than one model of heating element available in the market, before you start any work check which one you have and if you can use the 24 volts option.

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