TEVO Tarantula

  • ArcadEd's Tarantula Assembly Videos (With instructions).
  • RCJOSEB's Tarantula Assembly Videos (With instructions).
  • ruiraptor's Tarantula Assembly Videos (Without instructions).

These are the most asked questions.

  • Bed level sensor (BL Touch)

Calibration is normally not needed as this is carried out by the manufacturer and stored in the factory installed firmware. Information on printer calibration:

Sometimes the center of the bed is not the actual center. When printing large prints, the skirt, brim or the object itself is printed outside the heated bed. For bed center offset calibration please read:

  • Tarantula firmware
  • Marlin 3D printer firmware.
  • JimBrown's Modified Marlin firmware
  • Howto: Thumbwheel Leveling
  • Howto: Auto bed leveling
  • Howto: Manual level video

Frame Stabilization

  • Thingirob's Frame Stabilization Brackets (Most Popular).

Belt holder & tensioner

  • Joshfitz's 40mm Tarantula Fan Cover.
  • supasorn's Dual Blower/Radial Fan Duct Mount.
  • Lion4H's Radial Fan Fang (Most Popular).
  • hafidz's Standard 40mm Fang (Alternate design for standard fan)
  • Joshfitz's Tarantula Cover For 5015 Radial Blower Fan.

Cases & Covers



Heat Bed


  • WiFi
  • Laserprinting
  • Woodburning


Cooling & Fans

Part Description Where to buy?
Belts GT2 6mm Open Timing Belts Ebay
Heater Block E3D V6 Ebay
Motherboard RAMPS 1.4 Ebay
PSU 12V, 30A, 360W Ebay
Throat E3D V6 Throat Ebay
Nozzle E3D V6 M6-Thread Ebay
Extruder 1.75mm Titan Extruder kit Ebay
Extruder Motor 17-Stepper Motor Ebay
Linear Bearings
Linear Bearings Upgrade
Heatbed Upgrade
Thermistor for Heatbed
  • Cura
  • S3D
  • IdeaMaker
  • Slic3r
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