ERROR - STOPPED - Temp Sensor

ERROR - STOPPED - X or Y Switch Broken

ERROR - STOPPED - Z Switch Broken

ERROR - STOPPED - Heater Error

1. Ensure temp probe and heater are fully and securely inserted into the heat block. There are tiny screws in the sides for you to tighten with but if that isn't helping I recommend thermal grease to get them stuck in there snug. 2. Make sure the two wires from the heater and temp probe are securely connected to the board on top of the extruder. 3. Make sure the ribbon cable coming from the extruder board is securely connected to it. I recommend a rubber band or zip tie to hold the ribbon cable connector tightly to the top extruder board. It tends to wiggle out as the extruder moves around. 4. Remove the bottom plate cover and make sure the ribbon cable is securely connected to the motherboard. Shouldn't need to do anything special to keep it there. 5. Bypass The Relay.

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