Howto: Replace the Connectors on the Mainboard

board with burned pins

The green connectors on the board are not rated for the heatbed currency. Multiple users on the Facebook-Groups showed their burned pins, connectors or mainboards. To prevent this you should switch the connectors.

You need:

  • new connectors with a pin distance of 5,08mm and a currency rating of at least 20A (ebay: AKZ120 or 5mm PCB)
  • soldering and desldering equipment (like this)

If you have no experience in soldering you should give it to someone who knows how to do this. Messing up the connectors could lead to a fire, so give it to some electronics-guy.

Board with stock connectors

Desolder all three connectors. Heat the two pins alternating and pull them out or use desoldering tools like desoldering wick and a desoldering pump.

Board without connectors

To apply the new connectors to the board just solder them where the old ones were.

board with first new connector

board with three new connectors

Reapply the board to your printer and enjoy.

To prevent the high currency of the heatbed going through the Mainboard apply a relay to your setup.

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