Howto Change Nozzle

There are several reasons why you need to change or replace the nozzle, e.g. a clogged nozzle or to change the diameter. Unscrew the old nozzle. If it is stuck in the heatblock, heat it up. This way you can easily unscrew the nozzle.

Screw the new nozzle into the heatblock and make sure it touches the throat to prevent it from leaking. If you changed the nozzle Diameter, you need to change your slicer settings.

MK8 nozzles are compatible wit the A8

Leaking filament

A bad assembled hotend is the reason for leaking.

To fix this unscrew the nozzle and the throat (and clean it). Screw the nozzle until there is 1mm space between the nozzle and the heaterblock. Now screw the throat against the nozzle. Make sure that you don't place the throat upside down. Usually at one end of the throat the PTFE Tube comes out slightly, this is the end that has to touch the nozzle. On the other end the tube is not aligned with the throat and has a 40° angle to guide the Filament into the tube, this is the end that goes into the extruder.

If it still leaks heat up the hotend and screw the nozzle against the throat.

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