Kodama is a San Francisco based company with team members coming from Apple, Bosch and Porsche; experienced engineers and consumer experience professionals. For the past year the team was hands on to develop Obsidian and its add-ons in our Shanghai research and development office. Year-round we have Kodama personnel in China, we are not just handing a manufacturing contract over to a supplier and waiting for the best.

In order to deliver our 2016 project Trinus to 3300+ backers in 80+ countries and successfully transition it from crowdfunding to e-commerce, we partnered with warehouses in New Jersey, Rotterdam, Sydney, and Shenzhen. This distribution set up continues to provide Trinus 3D printers and accessories that you can purchase right now at We will continue to refine and expand our distribution network (including a US west coast warehouse) in order to ensure the timely delivery of Obsidian. (Source)

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