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Welcome to 3DPrint.Wiki!

Big shout out to two facebook groups Anet A-series 3D Printer Help & Discussion, (RepRap, Prusa, & Other Clones) and HyperCube 3D Printer (and any other CoreXY Printers) Support and Community!

So, why a wiki when there's already a facebook group? Simple. Questions come and go on facebook, and considering the timeline format of facebook, questions keep coming up. We wanted a place where we could catalogue all the information we have about printing, be it for the Anet line of printers, custom builds, and anything else we can get our hands on.

In this Wiki, you'll find information on printer maintenance, common troubleshooting, building guides, firmware, and much more!

Welcome to the community!

To contribute to the wiki, please follow our Contribution Guide. There aren't many rules, but we expect the rules that exist, to be followed.


RAMPS 1.4 Anet V1.0

Hotends / Extruders

Extruder Drive Systems

Direct Drive Bowdon

Proximity Sensors

You want to contribute, but your printer is not listed? You have other questions? Feel free to contact us at


Before trying anything you find on this wiki, please take a moment to read our disclaimer.

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