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 +====== Purchasable Upgrade Parts  ======
 +[[Replacement Fans]]
 +[[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​e/​2PACX-1vRXqaXzcJNSr1jpt6HnYf3_3Iee7IVJ5L04hetuAIa0GhBDXsl6HbYyYlqJSBdPW-B8OvAZdtkgcaIP/​pubhtml | 
 +Nicer Table with Clickable Store Links]]
 [[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​13s_2SAOkLSuMZSNBQc-Q0nJPLDiv3k0iMljslJmkxJA/​edit?​usp=sharing | Click here to view or edit in Google Docs]] [[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​13s_2SAOkLSuMZSNBQc-Q0nJPLDiv3k0iMljslJmkxJA/​edit?​usp=sharing | Click here to view or edit in Google Docs]]
 <csv file=https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​e/​2PACX-1vRXqaXzcJNSr1jpt6HnYf3_3Iee7IVJ5L04hetuAIa0GhBDXsl6HbYyYlqJSBdPW-B8OvAZdtkgcaIP/​pub?​output=csv>​ <csv file=https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​e/​2PACX-1vRXqaXzcJNSr1jpt6HnYf3_3Iee7IVJ5L04hetuAIa0GhBDXsl6HbYyYlqJSBdPW-B8OvAZdtkgcaIP/​pub?​output=csv>​
 </​csv>​ </​csv>​
-ab+====== Rods/Shafts ====== 
 +Check if your 6mm and 8mm linear rods are straight 
 +====== Bearings ====== 
 +Smooth operation requires straight and true (no bends or kinks) shafts and properly lubricated bearings. 
 +(4) x LM6LUU Linear Bearings - for the extruder gantry (35mm long) 
 +(8) x KFL08 Flanged Pillow Block Bearings 
 +(4) x LMK12UU Flanged Linear Bearings - for the Z axis 
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