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 ===== Printable Things =====  ===== Printable Things ===== 
 ===== Upgrades ===== ===== Upgrades =====
-Y belt back holder Anet ET4:​[[https://​​thing:​4080711]]\\  +Y belt back holder Anet ET4:​[[https://​​thing:​4166801]]\\  
-Y belt tensioner Anet ET4:​[[https://​​thing:​4073565]]\\ +Y belt tensioner Anet ET4:​[[https://​​thing:​4166953]]\\  
 +Universal spool holder ET4 adapter:​[[https://​​thing:​4164041]]\\  
 +Anet ET4 Extruder Rolling Filament Guide:​[[https://​​thing:​4080516]]\\  
 +Anet ET4 simple Filament Guide: [[https://​​sh/​m33cowuxs6l51db/​AAALjrjmE2kcTUsm4PYhDwGUa?​dl=0]]\\
 Anet ET4 sensor holder: [[https://​​thing:​4080086]]\\ ​ Anet ET4 sensor holder: [[https://​​thing:​4080086]]\\ ​
 ===== Replacement parts ===== ===== Replacement parts =====
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